What’s New in MyQuest™

July 2019

QuestDirect appointments.You now have the option of canceling or scheduling your appointment for testing at a Quest location from the Purchase Orders page.

Text messaging preferences. You can now manage your text messaging preferences in the Notifications section of the Account Settings page. When you turn the Appointments switch on, any appointments you schedule through MyQuest will automatically have your notification preference set to Text.

Message Quest enhancements. When you need to contact support, the Message Quest form now has a shorter, more specific list of reasons for contact. The following contact reasons will help us better route your questions to the right support representative:

Account - lost username or password

Account - cancel account or stop results delivery

Account - sign up or identity verification

Appointments - schedule new

Appointments - reschedule

Appointments - cancel

QuestDirect - self-directed testing

Results - sending to a physician via Messaging

Results - pre-employment testing (ONLY)

Results - getting or viewing my test results

Billing - payments, invoice, insurance

My Circle - family, dependents and caregiver access

Website/General - issues not specific to my account

Suggestion box (reviewed monthly)