You can use QuestDirect™ to select and pay for lab tests. Licensed professionals from PWNHealth LLC and affiliated professional entities (collectively, PWN) will provide clinical oversight of your lab testing, including ordering your selected tests, when appropriate. Then, visit a Quest Patient Service Center to have your specimen (blood and/or urine) collected, a pharmacy drive-thru so you can self-collect a specimen with a nasal swab, or wait for your at-home kit to arrive and follow the instructions to collect your own specimen (blood and/or nasal swab). After specimen processing at a Quest laboratory, your results are confidentially evaluated by a physician at PWN. Any result requiring prompt attention will be communicated to you by PWN and all results are sent directly to your secure MyQuest™ account. You should be able to access your results in MyQuest within a week of a visit to a Quest Patient Service Center or within a week of Quest receiving your successfully completed at-home kit.

Quest offers testing you can purchase for yourself, with physician oversight, as follows:

Tests with an In-Person at Quest or In-Person at Drive-Thru option can be purchased in all states except Arizona, Oklahoma, Alaska, and Hawaii, as well as Puerto Rico.

Tests with an At-Home Kit option can be purchased in all states except Arizona, Oklahoma, New York (with the exception of the COVID-19 Active Infection Test), Alaska, and Hawaii, as well as Puerto Rico.

Please note that New York residents may only purchase an at-home kit for a COVID-19 Active Infection Test. New York residents may not purchase any other at-home kits.

We strongly recommend that you share your test results with your doctor in order to make the best health decisions.

When you purchase testing from QuestDirect, be aware of this important information:

QuestDirect tests are only for individuals who want to pay directly for testing and do not want to seek reimbursement from their insurance carrier or the government. You understand that Services purchased under or through QuestDirect are solely your financial responsibility.

Note: QuestDirect is unable to provide you with a receipt that contains the basic information generally required by health plans for reimbursement.

Testing purchases include a non-refundable cancellation fee. For additional information, please review the Cancellation Policy and Expiration Policy for the testing you purchase.

When you are ready to come in for specimen collection...

Please be aware that when you visit one of our Quest Patient Service Centers:

Scheduled appointments are strongly encouraged and will receive priority. If you walk in, you will have to wait for the next available opening and same-day service cannot be guaranteed.

We require that all patients wear a mask or face covering in our patient service centers. (A bandana or handmade mask is acceptable.) When checking in, you'll be invited to use gloves and hand sanitizer.

At some Quest Patient Service Centers, a greeter may use a no-contact technique to take your temperature upon entry. If you have a temperature of 100.4 or above, you will asked to reschedule your appointment and come back at a later time.

Note: We cannot accept patients in our patient service centers who are currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or those who have experienced COVID-19 symptoms within the last 10 days.

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